[PD] [seq16] sequencer abstraction done! - first release

'Frank Barknecht' fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 5 15:05:58 CET 2004

Anton Woldhek hat gesagt: // Anton Woldhek wrote:

> Perhaps it would be a nice idea if you made a rrad pd distro, so
> that people could see its potential before hassling with all the
> necessary installs

There is one: On the new SuSE-Linux-Audio-LiveCD, which - lucky for you ;) -
had a nasty manufacturing error, so it's now available for download, too.
Quoting Matthias Nagorni from linux-audio-user: 

  the Linux Audio Live CD as published by german
  Keyboards (www.keyboards.de) is now available at 
  International mirrors are found at (some mirrors might not yet be synced)
  The CD can be switched to english by pressing F4 in the boot menu. 
  Have a lot of fun !

It includes a working RRADical system from only some weeks ago.

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