[PD] SMS messages and pd

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Dec 6 09:05:51 CET 2004

siggmuss wrote:
> Hi, list!
>  is it possible to control pd patches using sms messages?
> Do anybody have tried something like this? 
> i want to use  the sms messages  that a group of people are sending to
> each other with their cellphones to control a pd patch.

this seems to be tightly correlated with the thread about long integers 
and floats. why not put it in there ?

btw, pd itself doesn't have sms support (and i know of no external that 
provides it); but their should be plenty of sms-daemons (e.g. for linux) 
out their and it should be easy to bridge between the 2 of them.


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