[PD] long int precision lost

Marc Boon marcboon at dds.nl
Mon Dec 6 09:34:46 CET 2004

IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
> Marc Boon wrote:
>> Maybe you could just recompile Pd with a '#define float double' ?
> this should read
> #define t_float double
> and then you would have to convince all external's-developpers to use 
> "t_float" instead of "float" (which they should do anyhow) and then you 
> would have to recompile all used externals.
> this wouldn't be too much work, but unfortunately neither pd nor the 
> externals use t_float consistently (at least when i last tried to do 
> something like this which is some time apast)

to deal with this bad practice, you could define both:

#define t_float double
#define float double

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