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I've been doing some light research into FOF synthesis lately and was wondering if it's been done before with Pd.  I'd like to make an abstraction [if possible, might not be due to control-rate restrictions] that generates FOF signals.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to construct a phoneme list that would be possible to synthesize various spoken words and phrases.  However, I've not gotten past a quick half-hearted effort of converting the FOF envelope equations [gleaned from microsound's rather brief discussion of the topic] into Pd, and I'm not sure exactly how to control the thing [i.e. do I need to use ~ objects or control rate ones, and what are the typical ranges of parametric variation?].
As I mentioned before, I've barely invested time in this yet, but decided that the best step is to do some preliminary research with csound to get the feel for the various parameters, and then try to map that ugen over to Pd.  Is there an easy way to do this, such as a quick source code conversion from the csound to Pd?  What happened to the csound external that was around a few years ago?


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