[PD] vbitmap

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Dec 6 19:59:15 CET 2004

Christopher Charles hat gesagt: // Christopher Charles wrote:

> first, i'd like to introduce myself to the list, my name is christopher
> charles, 22, germany, i've been lurking here for some months, and this
> is my first post. as a welcome present for you all, i "wrote" (patched
> together out of existing externals) a gui external called vbitmap, which
> is able to display and modify integers as some sort of 1-d binary map,
> but you'll have to see the screenshot or try it out to see what i mean:
> https://www.puredata.info/Members/syntax_the_nerd/

Wow, I think, this is really cool, I'm about to try it. From looking
at the screenshot, one thing occured to me: It's not that good, that
it looks exactly the same as the radio-buttons. So I'd suggest you
maybe make the active buttons round?

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