[PD] Giving Linux Audio a spin

Josh Henne jh03qb at student.ocad.ca
Mon Dec 6 20:07:20 CET 2004


 I'm fairly new to Linux as an OS, and want to try running linux alongside
WinXP. The only programs I'd like to run are PD&GEM+everyotherexternal (of
course), supercollider, rosegarden, and Blender. I also have about 4 commercial
VSTs, and lots of free effects that I'd like to run in Linux under PD. I've done
some reading about getting VST's to work using WINE, Jack and a couple of other
things. I have about 10gigs of un-partitioned space on my main harddrive, and
was thinking of installing Debian, Suse, or Free-BSD distro. Any recomendations
as far as a good distro for PD?

My system is a P4 3.06 533Mhz bus with 512MB of DDR ram and Asus ATI Radeon 9600se.
I realise my MOTU 828 is not supported. Maybe I'll pick up an RME-Hamerfall card.

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