[PD] Giving Linux Audio a spin

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Dec 6 19:21:13 CET 2004

Hi Josh,

Josh Henne wrote:

 > I have about 10gigs of un-partitioned space on my main harddrive, and
 > was thinking of installing Debian, Suse, or Free-BSD distro. Any 
 > as far as a good distro for PD?

I just did three *very* quick installs of AGNULA/DeMuDi for a workshop 
in Newcastle, and it seems to work fantastically. I think I am going to 
quit recommending Fedora/PlanetCCRMA and start handing out DeMuDi disks 
during workshops instead.

Personally, I use Gentoo because I like being able to configure the hell 
out of things, but it's not for everyone, as you can read about at the 
link below ;-)



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