[PD] pd crashes on help files?

Max Neupert abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Dec 6 23:44:16 CET 2004

hi list.

config: OS X, Pd-0.38-0test4HCS1.dmg
my pd unexpected quit by doing this:
- start pd
- open new
- create loadbang
- choose help
  (now for a moment nothing happens.. then it opens Related -  
  and under it help-loadbang.pd -  
- try closing one of the help windows (it will not close)
- keep trying

is this only on my system?
anyone knows why?



Max Neupert
Fachgebiet Kunst & Medien
Hochschule für Kunst und Design
Burg Giebichenstein
Halle, Deutschland

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