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ix ix at replic.net
Tue Dec 7 16:28:10 CET 2004

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 02:25:28AM +0100, Federico wrote:
> > very useful for step sequencers that would otherwise be built out of
> > vradios, which are only able to trigger 1 note at a time.
> cooool! :-D
> this one really helps me
> it is also useful to do bitmasks and pack midi data for sysex messages.
> > programming, i'd be thankful if someone could try to compile it on
> > windows, too, and tell me what i did wrong.
> tried on linux and compiles ok.
> a great improvement may be to transform it to an array, but with a
> different visualization style (binary mode, ha ha!).

what is the 'binary mode' can you describe? or perhaps give a mock-up illustration?

> or even implement a tabread-like behavior (read: add a second inlet to
> read x-position)
> this one would really help in creating sequencer-like things... :)

im not sure what vradiobitmap is supposed to do..but have you looked at \doc\7.stuff\data-structures . if your goal is to place ticks/lines/squares/whatever on a canvas and use them for sequence data, it may do the trick for you.. i think theres more detail in a paper from MSP from 2002 or so, explaining how you can use an advancing pointer to grab the delay time before the next step, etc. personally i use BLT/TkZinc via toxy for sequence data..and 'pipe' as the event scheduler..

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