[PD] Re: [PD-announce] space~ - object for spatialization of audio sources

oliver oli smoerk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 17:42:47 CET 2004

Hello Shahrokh

Shahrokh Yadegari wrote:
>     the x=0,y=0 is in the center of the room? seems that the sound jumps
>     from inside to outside on -1 * length/2 (stereo setup). funny effect.
> This is basically how the model works. It is not really meant for moving 
> the source inside the listening room. I am working on extending the 
> model to handle this, but I still have not fully tested my ideas. I will 
> post the results to the list.

i don't see how you could get an stable image with only 4 speakers or 
even 2. if you want move sound sources inside the the inner room, 
wouldn't it be better to use ambisonics? I don't need to place sound 
sources in the inner room, so I don't miss that feature very much.

But I would like to see an option to define rectangular inner rooms and 
maybe to be able to place any number of speakers to freely defineable 

but my biggest problem is the cpu power space~ uses. my 1.7GHZ Pentium M 
can handle around 10 stereo space~ instances. but then there is not much 
cpu time left to do anything else. i would like to use 8 to 10 space~ 
instances with 4 channels. I can try with an optimzied compile to the 
target platform, but i doubt that it will give more than 10% to 20% 
percent speedup (i'm just guessing, i don't have much experience with that).

what was the maximum number of space~ instances you ran on a single cpu?

>     I played a little bit with space~, now on a faster machine, but I
>     still wonder where I should connect the reverb outlet to.
> You can connect the reverb outlet either internally to a reverb object 
> or externally to a reverb unit. You have to experiment with the reverb 
> level that is diffused in the room to match your acoustics. When a 
> source is in the listening room, no signal is sent to reverb. This 
> especially helps to make the simulation more effective when the source 
> travels from outside of the listening room through the listening room, 
> but you need the reverb for a more realistic image placement in any case.

the reverb is equally mixed to the 2 or 4 speakers?

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