[PD] vbitmap

Christopher Charles schraubzwingenhalterung at web.de
Tue Dec 7 20:33:07 CET 2004

>I don't think that's a good idea, because round buttons look more like a
>bang button; square buttons as in h/vradio are closer in concept already;
>but my proposal is to make them look like toggles. Think of it, if you
>were making that thing as an abstraction, you might be using toggle to
>construct it, and then shift bits in the resulting values so that together
>the toggles form a bitmap.
ok. so now there is vradio-square look, banglike circles within a square 
and toggle-like look. any other proposals? i changed it to frank's oval 
variant, and for now i'm rather content with it, doesn't remind me too 
much of bangs.
now for the functionality. are there any other ideas about this except 
of expanding this to a 2-d bitmatrix (like blinkenlights). i thought 
about implementing the option of having more states than just on and 
off. for example i could give each element 2 bits, so clicking on them 
would cycle through the 4 states (maybe represented by showing numbers 
or by in-between colours of back- and foreground). useful for different 
note velocities or probability maps in step sequencers. what do you 
think about this?
the other thing i was thinking about is the inlet behaviour: for now, it 
doesn't clip nor mod the value it sends to it's outlet(that's crap, for 
when you send a bigger value to the inlet, there is no graphical way to 
affect the bits which are out of range). i could either let it clip to 
2^number-1, so in case a bigger number is sent, all bits would stay on. 
the other option (the one i'd prefer) is performing a modulo 2^number on 
the inlet. any other options?

thanks for the feedback so far

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