[PD] Re: popup feature request

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Wed Dec 8 13:06:09 CET 2004


Yeah, it's awesome!

Not sure about the default thing. Popup does seem buggy as hell, but not 
buggy enough to ignore.

I put a screenshot of my current performance patch at 
http://onsight.id.gu.se/~mccallum/popup.png . I've created a dynamic 
routing/input system, using popup to select the inputs, and a settings 
saving system (not rrrrrradical, sorry frank) and using popup to switch 
between saved states in that.

I can't pinpoint any of the popup bugs. But what comes to mind is:

- if the mouse is held down to select an option, and you move the mouse 
over another popup, that popup displays its contents.
- sometimes it seems to reset its colour (??? not sure if this is a 
popup problem or something in my patch that assigns popup a colour)
- also some of my patches seem to be editing themselves since I started 
using popup, specifically message contents rewriting themselves (this 
one is so weird I don't even know what to think about it)

Also Thomas Grill's [pool] seems to have been acting wonky since I 
started using popup, but I'm not sure if that's related. Essentially 
pools of the same name don't seem to share the same contents (thought I 
would share that with you in case popup's interfering, I really have no 
understanding of these things, though).

Hope some of this helps...

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B. Bogart wrote:
> :) cool that your using the damn thing,
> any weird crashes? Have you found any need to set a "default" value via 
> loadbang?
> I've actually already had this idea for popup, but have not put it in 
> yet to
> make sure other bugs that I thought I had fixed are fixed! I may not get 
> to it
> until january, but every request helps.
> Care to send me a screenshot of how your using it?
> It'll probably be called "add" since options are about the only thing 
> you could
> even add to a popup.
> I'll announce when I make the changes.
> Thanks for trying it.
> B>

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