[PD] Mac OS X, ALT-Shortcuts, dollarsign on Finnish keyboards?

Ian Smith-Heisters heisters at 0x09.com
Wed Dec 8 19:48:57 CET 2004

Why can't it be user assignable? That would also open the door to
hotkeys, which would really speed up development in PD.

martin pichlmair wrote:
> hi,
>> My impression is that the naming is different. The Windows Alt is
>> apparently equivalent to the MacOS Command, whereas the Windows AltGr  is
>> the equivalent of the MacOS Alt.
> the apple-correct ways of handling keys can be found in the human  
> interface guidelines:
> http://developer.apple.com/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/ 
> OSXHIGuidelines/XHIGUserInput/chapter_2_section_3.html#//apple_ref/doc/ 
> uid/TP30000361/TP22
> --------------------------- >8 ----------------
> Option (=alt)
> When used with other keys, the Option key produces special symbols. The  
> Option key can also be used with the mouse to modify the effect of a  
> click or drag. For example, in some applications pressing Option while  
> dragging an object makes a copy of the object.
> Command
> Pressing the Command key at the same time as a character key tells the  
> application to interpret the key as a command rather than a character.  
> It can also be used with the mouse to modify the effect of a click or  
> drag. Key combinations that use the Command key are described in  
> “Keyboard Shortcuts”.
> Control
> The Control key is used to modify the functions of other keys. Combined  
> with a mouse click, it displays contextual menus (see “Contextual  Menus”).
> --------------------------- >8 ----------------
> so obviously pd should use _only_ the command key on osx for all the  
> stuff that is in the menus - like creating new objects, windows and the  
> like.
> alt can be used for everything that has to do with dragging ...  
> ctrl-clicking is handled quite right but maybe using alt instead of  
> control to trigger messages in the edit view might work good (but that  
> is working quite good as it is).
>>> If this is true, it's probably best to stop using "alt" accelerators,
>>> at least on Mac and Windows, although perhaps they could stay as they
>>> are on linux.
>> I'd rather have Alt mean the same as in Windows/KDE/GNOME. Not so 
>> much  by
>> consistency with popular systems, than because I'm sure a lot of Pd  
>> users
>> would looove more keyboard shortcuts in general.
> a possible way would be to use ctrl (or alt or ctrl+shift) on win+linux  
> and cmd (or cmd+shift) on the mac. as i am working on linux and mac i  
> am already used to press cmd instead of ctrl for a lot of tasks. i'm  
> surely not the only one. just having _one_ accelerator should be the  goal.
>> But I think I'd rather have user-definable accelerators and such. (It's
>> been on my TODO list for too long).
> reasonable defaults are the basics of every good interface. users can  
> change it anyway in an open source project but most will not do so.  
> and: if it is done well we can spare the user to _have to_ do it.
> lg
> martin
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