[PD] [Gem] delay line for geos?

chun lee leechun at leechun.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Dec 9 00:45:58 CET 2004

Hi James:

> hey ya'll,
> ...motion blurring is a very high priority for me atm :-)
> Unfortunately, there isn't exactly an easy way :-\  The traditional way
> is to cheat and use the accumulation buffer:  ya render to this buffer
> several frames with each slightly lighter, then pop out the
> result...this doesn't give a directional blur, tho, and also it so
> happens that OSX has a software implementation of this buffer, so it's
> sloow...

Ummm, sound a bit out of my depth;) but sufficient to say that its not

> ...the better way is still in the future, and involves vertex &/or
> fragment programs along with pBuffers...there's plenty about this on
> the web, but it's just not do-able in GEM atm...soon, perhaps?

Not do-able in Gem at the moment? Is it because of the way Gem is written or



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