[PD] Macromedia Director with PD? (was " interfacing pure data and flash...flashserver")

rodney rodney at atr.jp
Thu Dec 9 07:56:53 CET 2004

Hi all,
Has anyone successfully got macromedia director to talk to pd? I am told it
should be possible with the flash communication server, but I have not been
able to see how. 
Someone also told me that the flash communication server might not be good
for UDP.
Has anyone got the two talking happily and can tell me how?

Rodney Berry
ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
Kyoto Japan



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i just downloaded "http://www.oli.adbe.org/downloads/PdFlashXYpad.zip
<http://www.oli.adbe.org/downloads/PdFlashXYpad.zip> " everything works
i like to ask, how to communicate the other way- from pd-to flash?
have anyone an good example for me? ;-)
thanks a lot,
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