[PD] Macromedia Director with PD? (was " interfacing pure data and flash...flashserver")

Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Thu Dec 9 12:23:57 CET 2004

I'm assuming that Director does the same thing Flash does, which is wait 
for a null character to terminate messages over a socket. This is the 
only thing really, that complicates PD to Flash communication. If 
Director does not use the null character, then you should simply be able 
to open a socket directly (Directorly? hehe...) to PD. For Flash to PD 
communication, you have to end all messages with a semi-colon(;). I've 
used my own hand rolled Perl scripted socket servers to deal with these 
issues as well as using the flashserver (Incidentally, what's not very 
nice about flashserver? It's easy to use and relatively stable. I'm 
curious to hear what you find wrong with it.)


altern wrote:
> hi
> i used flash server but its not very nice. Later i discovered a python 
> Xtra for director and we created a director-python(viaOSC)-PD 
> communication. A bit complicated as you see but it works nicely. I 
> preffer this system. However its only working under Windows as the xtra 
> hasnt been compiled for OSX. (BTW. I have the source for the extra in 
> case anyone wants to try to compile it for OSX!).
> Here you will find some examples of methods you could use to achive the 
> communication. But there is no example of the method that uses the 
> pythonxtra.
> http://www.ixi-software.net/workshops/ultrasound/files.html
> http://www.ixi-software.net/workshops/buex/files.html
> I have a template of that method somewhere if you are very interested i 
> could upload it for you if i find it (This is used on this app if you 
> want to test communication speed 
> http://www.ixi-software.net/content/body_software_spinosc.html). However 
> its a bit difficult to use as it only works on proyectors because of the 
> way the xtra is set up. This means that everytime you are testing 
> something you have to do it as proyector and it makes it more confusing 
> to debug.
> if you have any question about any example of some other issues please 
> let me know :-)
> best
> rodney wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Has anyone successfully got macromedia director to talk to pd? I am 
>> told it should be possible with the flash communication server, but I 
>> have not been able to see how.
>> Someone also told me that the flash communication server might not be 
>> good for UDP.
>> Has anyone got the two talking happily and can tell me how?
>> cheers,
>>             Rod.
>> Rodney Berry
>> ATR Media Information Science Laboratories
>> Kyoto Japan
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>> hi,
>> i just downloaded "http://www.oli.adbe.org/downloads/PdFlashXYpad.zip 
>> <http://www.oli.adbe.org/downloads/PdFlashXYpad.zip>" everything works 
>> fine...brilliant!
>> i like to ask, how to communicate the other way- from pd-to flash?
>> have anyone an good example for me? ;-)
>> thanks a lot,
>> steve.

Pall Thayer

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