[PD] Re: control voltage

Chris Madak cjm01 at hampshire.edu
Thu Dec 9 20:02:21 CET 2004

patrick wrote:

> is there a way to read control voltage output in pd using a soundcard? 
> what
> object should i use with adc~? can i simply plug the CV (maximum of 6 
> volts)
> to my soundcard or i need to buy an analog to digital converter?

if you need a quick and dirty hack to this end, you could always run 
your cv source into a vco, the oscillator into your soundcard, and the 
signal into fiddle~, tweaking things from there to clean up and map the 
results.  it helps to make a quick "device driver" abstraction to this 
in the long run, however, i wouldn't stick with this.  it's flaky and 
very cpu-inefficient for what it does.  i just mention it because it 
can be thrown together in a few minutes if you just need a 
proof-of-concept demo of something.



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