[PD] Re: popup feature request

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Thu Dec 9 02:00:13 CET 2004


Oh, found another bug. I'm running RH9 with planet CCRMA stuff...

When you switch between desktops in Gnome all popups go back to their 
original name (they don't appear to actually output anything). And all 
popups with the same name change to the same colour, it seems to be the 
colour of the last popup that's had its colour changed, but I'm not sure 
about that.

Hope this helps...

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B. Bogart wrote:
> :) cool that your using the damn thing,
> any weird crashes? Have you found any need to set a "default" value via 
> loadbang?
> I've actually already had this idea for popup, but have not put it in 
> yet to
> make sure other bugs that I thought I had fixed are fixed! I may not get 
> to it
> until january, but every request helps.
> Care to send me a screenshot of how your using it?
> It'll probably be called "add" since options are about the only thing 
> you could
> even add to a popup.
> I'll announce when I make the changes.
> Thanks for trying it.
> B>

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