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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Thu Dec 9 21:52:14 CET 2004

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Hmmm, did you say this is the version currently in CVS?

I say some gnome weirdness with disapearing popups but I had fixed that..

If you are using the newwest version that I have some work to do! :(


David NG McCallum wrote:
| B,
| Oh, found another bug. I'm running RH9 with planet CCRMA stuff...
| When you switch between desktops in Gnome all popups go back to their
| original name (they don't appear to actually output anything). And all
| popups with the same name change to the same colour, it seems to be the
| colour of the last popup that's had its colour changed, but I'm not sure
| about that.
| Hope this helps...
| David
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| B. Bogart wrote:
|> :) cool that your using the damn thing,
|> any weird crashes? Have you found any need to set a "default" value
|> via loadbang?
|> I've actually already had this idea for popup, but have not put it in
|> yet to
|> make sure other bugs that I thought I had fixed are fixed! I may not
|> get to it
|> until january, but every request helps.
|> Care to send me a screenshot of how your using it?
|> It'll probably be called "add" since options are about the only thing
|> you could
|> even add to a popup.
|> I'll announce when I make the changes.
|> Thanks for trying it.
|> B>
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