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If you use the PIC 18F452 (or any 18F) you can use my tutorials at
http://www.0x09.com/Marlboro/physcomp/ on getting analog info from a PIC
to PD. It's not complete yet, but there's enough there for you to chew
on until I finish it up in the next few weeks. The tutorials are
probably useful for the PIC 16 series too, but I wrote it with 18F in mind.

The tutorials are meant to be pretty layman-ish, so if you don't
understand anything, I'd love feedback so I can improve it.


Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
| On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Martin Peach wrote:
|>patrick wrote:
|>>is there a way to read control voltage output in pd using a
soundcard? what
|>>object should i use with adc~? can i simply plug the CV (maximum of 6
|>>to my soundcard or i need to buy an analog to digital converter?
|>Soundcards usually are capacitively coupled to their inputs, so the
|>response drops off as the frequency drops below a few cycles per second,
|>leaving no response at all for DC, which control voltage mostly is. One
|>way around would be to pass the CV through an analog multiplexer that
|>was rapidly switching between your CV and ground. If you know how to do
|>electronics a bit you could use a 4052 analox mux and a 555 oscillator
|>running about 1kHz to switch it.
|>I would go for a PIC16F88 microcontroller, which has 7 10-bit ADC
|>channels, outputting MIDI.
| I second that. I have done that with a NS555 oscillator a few years ago
| and it works.
| Another solution might be to reuse the STROBE pin of the parallel port.
| That's pin #1. By default it outputs a 9600 Hz square wave used to sync
| the data sent on pins #2-9. That one can be used to control a (pair of)
| transistor(s). The second transistor would be used to connect to ground if
| necessary. That's just an idea. I say that because it's the one idea that
| requires the least special hardware.
| The Pd part required after that is to find the peaks or average. Many ways
| to do it; I might try [lop~] first.
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