[PD] rradical paths problem

Brad Kligerman bkligerman at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 10 16:19:53 CET 2004

Hi all (once again) : I'm having a very basic problem getting rradical 
to function.

I followed the _installation_ instructions setting up my paths. But when 
I open an example or tutorial (ex: pd/rradical/memento/tutorial/3-tut.pd)
I get:
 > OSCprepend $1
 >... couldn't create
 >originator.pd 11 0 61 1 (gatom->text) connection failed
 >originator.pd 33 0 61 0 (receive->text) connection failed
 >originator.pd 61 0 59 0 (text->outlet) connection failed
 >originator.pd 81 0 61 0 (message->text) connection failed

In other words it can't find _originator.pd_ even though the directory 
is in my path.
.pdrc = -mididev 1
-lib Gem:pdp:pidip:gridflow:iemlib1:iemlib2:iem_t3_lib etc...

It seems like a problem with my paths (when I check File>Paths... they 
are all listed). Is this a system problem or a rradical problem?
Btw, I'm using RH9, pd 0.37-1 from Planet CCRMA...

Any help with this seemingly stupid problem would be greatly appriciated 
since I'm about to start a big project and would like to integrate rradical.
Thanks :brad

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