[PD] labeled inlets

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 10 22:03:18 CET 2004

Tim Blechmann hat gesagt: // Tim Blechmann wrote:

> btw, i still haven't had the time to check mathieu's approach using
> tcl... anyway, it might be a good idea do add tooltips for outlets, too
> ... maybe i'll look into this at the weekend ...

I still don't use the tooltips, but the only reason for me is, that I
find it annoying and distracting that they used to move around like
they were stuck to the mouse pointer. Are they still doing this? I
would really like the tooltips to stay in a fixed position above the
inlets (or below the outlets). I believe, Mathieu's labels already
work this way. 

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