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Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Fri Dec 10 23:22:15 CET 2004

does anyone have any pointer on what i need to do to get this to build 
on windows?  i've never really been able to get pd externals to compile 
on windows, so i must doing sometihng obviouisly wrong ;)

here is the output of running nmake:

C:\Documents and Settings\Josh\Desktop\New\pd-0.37-4\extra\vbitmap>nmake 

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 7.10.3077
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

        cl /W3 /WX /DNT /DPD /nologo /I. /I..\..\src /I"C:\Program 
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98"\include /c vbitm
        link /dll /export:vbitmap_setup vbitmap.obj "C:\Program 
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98"\lib\libc.lib  "C:\P
ogram Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98"\lib\oldnames.lib  "C:\Program 
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\Vc98"\lib\kernel3
.lib  ..\..\bin\pd.lib
Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 7.10.3077
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

   Creating library vbitmap.lib and object vbitmap.exp
vbitmap.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol __ftol2 
referenced in function _vbitmap_draw_update
vbitmap.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _sys_noloadbang 
referenced in function _vbitmap_loadbang
vbitmap.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 2 unresolved externals
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'link' : return code '0x460'

C:\Documents and Settings\Josh\Desktop\New\pd-0.37-4\extra\vbitmap>

Josh Steiner wrote:

> the ovals look good in that screenshot... has anyone built this for 
> windows?   i'd really like to try it out but i have never been able to 
> build externals in MSVC
> Christopher Charles wrote:
>>> I don't think that's a good idea, because round buttons look more 
>>> like a
>>> bang button; square buttons as in h/vradio are closer in concept 
>>> already;
>>> but my proposal is to make them look like toggles. Think of it, if you
>>> were making that thing as an abstraction, you might be using toggle to
>>> construct it, and then shift bits in the resulting values so that 
>>> together
>>> the toggles form a bitmap.
>> ok. so now there is vradio-square look, banglike circles within a 
>> square and toggle-like look. any other proposals? i changed it to 
>> frank's oval variant, and for now i'm rather content with it, doesn't 
>> remind me too much of bangs.
>> now for the functionality. are there any other ideas about this 
>> except of expanding this to a 2-d bitmatrix (like blinkenlights). i 
>> thought about implementing the option of having more states than just 
>> on and off. for example i could give each element 2 bits, so clicking 
>> on them would cycle through the 4 states (maybe represented by 
>> showing numbers or by in-between colours of back- and foreground). 
>> useful for different note velocities or probability maps in step 
>> sequencers. what do you think about this?
>> the other thing i was thinking about is the inlet behaviour: for now, 
>> it doesn't clip nor mod the value it sends to it's outlet(that's 
>> crap, for when you send a bigger value to the inlet, there is no 
>> graphical way to affect the bits which are out of range). i could 
>> either let it clip to 2^number-1, so in case a bigger number is sent, 
>> all bits would stay on. the other option (the one i'd prefer) is 
>> performing a modulo 2^number on the inlet. any other options?
>> thanks for the feedback so far
>> charlie
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