[PD] uzi and any vs repeat

Peter Todd peter_todd82 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 12 15:16:42 CET 2004

> hi, few days ago u posted a patch that let u manipulate geos (each
> accesible for manipulation) at pd list
> i was using it becuase i wanted to create hair on gem  .... the idea is
> to create a group of hairs dynamically   and each hair is diferent from
> the others.
> i have to question : in the patch u posted i can repeat only 15 times
> the object (uzi) , not more. Why is that?is that an issue of the usi
> abstraction??.... the other question i have is : which are the
> difference using uzi and any vs using repeat? Is there any difference in
> cpu processing?

This is nothing to do with uzi, repeat, et al.  The problem is that the 
tables only have 15 slots.  Try resizing them.

> check the patch
> bye
> punchik

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