[PD] markov anyone?

Georg Bosch kram at stillavailable.com
Sun Dec 12 18:40:42 CET 2004

Hi Orm, hi list,

> no, I'm not using any Macs or Max anymore but the markov object got
> ported to powerpc by Richard Dudas in the late nineties. I can send
> you a copy. It shouldn't be a big deal to get it translated to Max
> OsX, but I don't have any machine at hand. Maybe you can ask someone
> to adopt it? I can send you the sources of the powerpc code.

I wasn't aware of a powerpc port of your object, but I can't boot into 
os9 anymore on my ibook and i don't have any c programmers at hand ... 
however, as you mentioned Richard Dudas, I re-tried using his mchain 
abstaction (from ircam ftp) yesterday. I didn't have much luck the 
first time, and as I looked inside the patch to find the error I didn't 
understand much; turns out it was my mistake, and I don't need to know 
whats going on inside ;)

So I got my markov chains running with Xmax now, anyway if someone is 
porting the markov object to max I'd still be pleased to know.

best, g.

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