[PD] making object ids visible

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Dec 13 22:26:36 CET 2004

Hi Thomas,

Am 13. Dezember 2004, 22:32 Uhr (+0100) schrieb Thomas Grill:
> Hi Orm,
> did you get these overflows also with other versions of 0.38 or the devel
> branch?

I used 0.38-test13 from Miller's site and applied the tooltip.diff patch.

> I ask this because i introduced a more portable version of stack checking
> that keeps track of the recursion depth instead of the stack pointer. The
> old method was not compatible with e.g. Python which uses a lot of stack
> space.
> To my knowledge the default recursion depth is 1000. That basically means
> that a message can run through 1000 objects, but depending on the message
> handling of the object this can also be reduced by some small factor.
> I would suggest that the method of stack checking should be a compilation
> switch.
> Meanwhile you could try to uncomment "#define NEWSTACKMETH" in m_obj.c, line
> 13.

I don't really mind that much. It's basically just changing the modulo
which stops the recursion by inserting the "del 0". Any stack will
overflow sooner or later...


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