[PD] send messages to different abs with the same name

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 14 01:28:07 CET 2004


in order to create an abstraction with maximum flexibility, i'd like to
realize it kind of dynamical, which means it uses arguments to create
further abstractions in itself. this new abs also create new objects in
theirself out of the arguments given from the 'parent' abstraction. to
create objs dynamically, you send  messages to 'pd-yourabs.pd'. the
problem i have now is, i cannot adress different abs with different
arguments but the same name.
i can't figure out a way to solve this. is it impossible to send msgs to
different windows with the same name? a $0-feature for abs-name would be
nice......so an abstraction could at least send msgs to itself.
other suggestions?


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