[PD] incomplete GUI rendering

ix ix at replic.net
Tue Dec 14 01:28:45 CET 2004

> 1. use yves patch of a threaded gui ... included in devel_0_37
> 2. test miller's approach of limiting the size of messages sent to the
> gui, implemented in 0.38 ... works fine for me ...

is this gui packet-size limit the reason you have to often open patches 2 or 3 times for them to actually draw all the way? i cant vouch for anything earlier than 0.36 but it happened ocasionally then, happened more often with impd 0.37 perhaps due to more GUI stuff...and happens even more in 0.38...


my current strategy is open a small patch first, until everything settles down, then open the larger ones. many times however, the window doesnt even draw, rather than simply missing some stuff which minimizing and maximizing can sometimes fix..

can i just bump the packet size limit to 40,000. are there perhaps some packet size limit patches that havent made it into MAIN that i can apply, perhaps from devel or impd?


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