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I found Edwardo Miranda's book to be a great intro to a wide range of
techniques and concepts, including a taste of Eduardo's special areas of
interest (cellular automata and alife etc.).

I'd recommend it for someone who's just starting out, or for a shorter
time-scale course book where the other mighty tomes mentioned in the list
might scare people (and cause back problems if they have other books to
carry around too!). Good to read on the train. I'm using it to help me build
up courage to read Curtis Roads' book next. :)

I'm just starting to dive into Miller's .pdf book and am enjoying it too.


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In addition to the Computer Music Tutorial mentioned earlier, I would

Computer Music: Synthesis, Composition, and Performance by; Charles Dodge

and Computer Sound Design: Synthesis Techniques and Programming; by Eduardo

Roads is a perhaps bit more comprehensive than either of these, as it
includes a great deal more historical information in addition to the
technical, but a search back through the list archives for these
titles/authors should reveal some debate over the strengths of each. (Maybe
not Miranda.  I don't remember much mention of his book, but Dodge and Roads
have been discussed many times.)  All make great gifts.

Take care,

Michael Berkowski
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>I am putting togeather a wish list for x-mass, and I wanted to add a 
>good synthesizer methods book to the list. I remember a few titles 
>coming through the list a while ago, but I cant find thoes emails now.
>Does anyone know of some good titles I can get in the real world 
>(Millers book is just online, right)?

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