[PD] send messages to different abs with the same name

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 14 11:21:34 CET 2004

sorry, it's like hieroglyphes what i wrote.....
i try to get it a little bit more concrete: let's say i want to build an
abstraction [multiosc~] which contains some osc~. let's say the first
argument defines the number of [osc~], the second defines the frequency
and the third defines the intervall to the frequencies of the following
[osc~]. (so a [multiosc~ 4 1000 200] would give you four osc~ with the
freqs: 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600).
i think the only way to do this, is to build a kind of 'self-creating'
abs. it uses the arguments to create in itself a defined number of
[osc~]. but if i make it 'self-creating', i only can use it oncce at the
same time, which is not the idea of using an abs. when i create a second
[mutliosc~], some new osc~ will be created also in the first [multiosc~]
because both have the same window name. this is why i said, a $0-option
for abs-names would be nice.
has someone already done something like an 'self-creating' abstraction?
or how would you realize something like [mutliosc~]?

p.s.: i'm not a c-programmer, but i think objs like [pack] or [route]
are kind of 'self-creating' too (number of outlets is defined by number
of arguments). i wouldn't know how to build them as an abstraction. but
i think it should be possible to do somehting smilar in pd too.

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> Hallo,
> Roman Haefeli hat gesagt: // Roman Haefeli wrote:
> > in order to create an abstraction with maximum flexibility, i'd like
> > realize it kind of dynamical, which means it uses arguments to
> > further abstractions in itself. this new abs also create new objects
> > theirself out of the arguments given from the 'parent' abstraction.
> > create objs dynamically, you send  messages to 'pd-yourabs.pd'. the
> > problem i have now is, i cannot adress different abs with different
> > arguments but the same name.
> > i can't figure out a way to solve this. is it impossible to send
msgs to
> > different windows with the same name? a $0-feature for abs-name
would be
> > nice......so an abstraction could at least send msgs to itself.
> > other suggestions?
> I'm not sure, if I understand your problem, can you illustrate, what
> you want to do with some patches? I read it, that you want to have
> soemthing like [pd $0-name] for an abstraction [$0-abs], right? As
> nothing is known about $0 except that it is a number unique to an
> abstraction, you cannot use this unknown number in a filename in
> advance.
> If you want to reuse abstractions, you have to handle the variable
> part inside of the abstraction's arguments. You can pass $0 in
> abstraction arguments, if that helps in your case.
> Ciao
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