[PD] Re: popup feature request

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Tue Dec 14 16:33:44 CET 2004


Sorry, been kind of scatterbrained lately... Yes, I've always been using 
the latest CVS.

The first issue there isn't necessarily a bug, it's just a behaviour 
that seemed a little unexpected... No serious problem, though.

Perfect, I'm looking forward to this external being rock-solid. :) As 
always, good work.

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B. Bogart wrote:
> Ok I've added a few features to popup...
> David NG McCallum wrote:
> | - if the mouse is held down to select an option, and you move the mouse
> | over another popup, that popup displays its contents.
> Indeed I see this, I don't see how its a bug though?
> | - sometimes it seems to reset its colour (??? not sure if this is a
> | popup problem or something in my patch that assigns popup a colour)
> Yup, it seems the colour is reset when I switch virtual gnome desktops.
> I've fixed this in CVS, just another t_symbol vs s_name mistake!
> | - also some of my patches seem to be editing themselves since I started
> | using popup, specifically message contents rewriting themselves (this
> | one is so weird I don't even know what to think about it)
> I've not heard back if your using the latest version in CVS. I hope this 
> is fixed!
> I've added the "append" method that works exactly like "options" except it
> appends the values onto the end of the list rather than over-writing. 
> You can
> add one item or multiple items. To clear the list you can send "options" 
> with no
> args.
> I'll be commiting my changes to CVS shortly.
> | Hope some of this helps...
> Thanks for testing.
> B.

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