[PD] usb sensors anyone?

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Wed Dec 15 05:14:42 CET 2004

oliver oli a écrit :
> but there are open source libraries for linux. a python module is 
> available, too:
> http://libphidgets.alioth.debian.org/


It works with four interface kits:
# 4-Motor PhidgetServo
# InterfaceKit 0/0/4
# InterfaceKit 8/8/8
# InterfaceKit 0/16/16

The 8/8/8 kit is described as the most popular, but it is discontinued 
and out of stock.

> you could write a small python script, that sends data over the fudi or 
> OSC protocol to pd.

Or write python scripts for the pyext external.

 > or write a phidgets external.

That would be more portable.


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