[PD] Musical Algorhytmic

Alexandre Quessy listes at sourcelibre.com
Wed Dec 15 08:40:36 CET 2004

Hello musicians of the world ! This is a call for you to share your 
ideas of how to create the logic behind melodies and chords with Pure 

I discovered quite a few interesting tricks reading the documentation, 
but I am still just a newbie. (as I need to read more!) Now I wonder 
what is used in real world real time generated -  or composed - music. 
This is kind of a survey, just for fun and curiosity. I like to read 
what composers and developers think and do.

How do you organize, write, store and make interactive:

Forms in musics? (A-B-A-C-A-B-A, variations on a theme and A-B-A, for 
Musical dynamic phrases (arsis-thesis, "phrasé")
Envelope (I saw the ADSR in the doc tough), rhytmic patterns, rhytmic 
Modulations, scales, modes (Do you store only a Ionien and a ascendant 
melodic minor and derive all the other from them ?)
Chords, alterations and theirs extensions (ordered by favorites to the 
((From I to vii)) :: Cmaj7, (Db7b5), Dm7, Em7b9, (E7b9), Fmaj7#11, 
G7(#4), (Abm6(maj7)), Am7, Bdim7, (etc...)
Licks to play on chords progressions (ii - V - I's, etc.)
How to order different comportement (arrays, text files, graphs, ...)
Color for musical notes. ([fiddle~] and [% 12] or [% 7] on midi numbers)
Microtonal and different musical temperaments (i.e. floats in midi)

Do you prefer using graphs, arrays, text files, or whatever to store 
info that one can browse using [drunk], interactivity or a weighted 
random to build a tune ?

Do you often put hundreds of [osc~] and [noise~] together to create 
interesting tones, or do you prefer altering a [phasor~] with a [hip~] 
? I would like to do CPU-expansive sound generation using [osc~] 
formants in polyphonic music but I am afraid it is gonna be too slow. 
(on a 900 MHz Mac OS X, possibly a Linux box soon)
What is the importance of samples and audio realtime inputs compared to 
generated sounds and midi in Pd and Max/MSP ? (in general)

Thanks for sharing ! And thanks for your patience to read my so-much 
wide questions...

alexandre quessy

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