[PD] gem & messaging

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Sat Dec 18 02:31:33 CET 2004

On Dec 17, 2004, at 1:16 PM, Tim Blechmann wrote:
> can't this be done without the semerator objects? i mean if you pass 
> the
> gemlist to certain objects, it should be able to use some kind of
> reference counting to figure out, if the same message has been splitted
> up ...

The [separator] object resets both gemstate data and also OpenGL states 
on the GPU.  This has to be done to enable each branch to manipulate 
the 3D view and textures independently.  [pix_separator] makes a copy 
of the pixel buffer in order to achieve the same thing.  GEM pix_ 
chains only use a single buffer and overwrite the data with a few 
exceptions that use internal buffers for specialized processing.

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