[PD] Solitude - composition using data structures

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Sat Dec 18 18:23:22 CET 2004

You don't need any externals to make it play, but you'll need  
[alternate] from MarkEx/Gem to use the key commands, and [shell] to use  
the recording function.

I realize a forgot to include a couple generic objects that I wrote in  
Pd, so I have put up an updated version of the source:



On Dec 18, 2004, at 6:13 AM, Anton Woldhek wrote:

> Hello Hans,
> Which external libraries would i need to play the solitude from source?
> Cheers
> Anton
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> This is my first composition using Pd's data structures, and I found  
> that I enjoyed the process quite a bit, once I got the patch debugged.  
> The experience was a good combination of visual editing with the mouse  
> and text editing with the keyboard. The visual representation worked  
> well for composition in this style. By biggest problem was finding a  
> way to represent in the score all of the things that I wanted to  
> control. Since I wanted to have the score generate the piece, I did  
> not add a couple features, like pitch shifting and voice allocation  
> control, which I would have liked to have.
> You can download the mp3, see the score, and download the source code  
> here:
> http://at.or.at/hans/solitude/
> Remixes would be fun. The code is released under GNU GPL, the mp3  
> under CC Attribution-ShareAlike.
> .hc
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