[PD] compiling flext external

Yvan Vander Sanden yvan at youngmusic.org
Sat Dec 18 22:39:09 CET 2004


I was trying to compile an example from the flext tutorial. I have worked with
flext before using linux, but this is the first time i try to program in
windows (using borland C++ builder 6.0). I've created a dll and want to load it
as an external. This gives me the the error:

load object: symbol "lib1_setup" not found

I've googled a bit and read that i have to export the setup function if i use
windows, so i've changed:

static void lib_setup() {


extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) void lib_setup() {

but now i get these messages:

[Linker Error] Unresolved external '_post' referenced from

This is strange, because i know the path's to the library files are correct.
Obviously my problem comes forth from having no programming experience for
windows, but a little help would be nice here...


yvan vander sanden

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