[PD] Re: Using ov519 webcams (Eyetoy) with pdp/Gem (jpeg frames)

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Dec 19 13:49:44 CET 2004

Artem Baguinski hat gesagt: // Artem Baguinski wrote:

> Should be doable faster - JPEG frames from your camera are decoded in
> some YUV format then converted to RGB (by libjpeg) - AFAIK imlib
> doesn't support other colourspaces then RGB. The RGB->YUV translation
> could be done in hardware using Xv X11 extension (e.g. pdp could do
> that for you). Not that I know how to wire the v2l device that
> provides JPEG frames into pdp. But given you've found an example - it
> should be copy and pastable ;-)

I already tried a bit of copy and pasting in pdp (with breaking
compression-less v4l support, as it's just for me for now), but I
don't really find my way around in PDP yet. Some thing I encountered:
I'm not sure, where I need to do all this, probably in the
pdp_v4l_bang function?  Also I don't know, what kind of data pdp
expects to get in the end, that is, what format should the image be in
and do I need to set headers and so on. I really don't know my way
around pdp yet. :(

So far I'm always getting libjpeg errors about "unknown markers" in
the stream, it tries to decode...

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