[PD] popup resets on minimizing/workspace switching how to fix?

ix ix at replic.net
Mon Dec 20 01:48:39 CET 2004

> It looks like when you switch workspaces or minimize in gnome that the whole
> canvas is redrawn. This means that popup assumes it is the first time it has
> been drawn and therefore no one could have selected any options.
> How do things like vslider remember their position when re-drawing?
> (which file contains the vslider code?)

probably g_hslider/g_vslider.c . good luck reading it though...

> How can I test if this is the first time the widget is being drawn compared 
> to
> the first time after the window has been minized??

i certainly dont plan on repeating the experience of a 50% C 50% Tk external, but i think youd have a seperate 'draw' function that is called during widget setup, then set a temp value based on the $target so _(t019298234:whatever) (use variable _ to grab it in your widget namespace) so you have the stuff stored for that unique popup, or wrhatever..

if you reimplement in toxy, you can specify a function to be called when the window is unminimized (See externals/miXed/test/toxy/testmess.wid, in particular the stuff at the bottom "@new, @vis"..)

at least the 'options' and 'append' would be trivial to implement but im not sure how with toxy, youd be able to save the updated options to a file (without making an #options, which would preclude appending, or would it?)

> Any suggestions?

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