[PD] general purpose graphical dataflow language?

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 20 05:25:23 CET 2004

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, John Nowak wrote:

> Does anyone know of a general purpose graphical dataflow language, 
> possibly bleeding-edge? Sort of like a PD for everything?

PD is already a PD for everything.

(Well, almost so; at least it is so in spirit)

> which I've recently briefly outlined on the Max list if anyone is over
> there as well.

Would you mind posting this list here?

> So then... anyone know of anything, or is it back to Scheme for me
> then?

Why choose one or another when you can write Pd externals in Scheme and
benefit from the advantages of both.

> and I'd love to see it happen one day if it hasn't already. We're
> getting very close with environments like Max, LabVIEW, etc. I would
> like to see someone go all the way.

We better not get *that* close to LabVIEW. You know, those are the folks
who just sued the Matlab/SimuLink company and WON. They have patents about
various things dataflow, and the patents don't expire this decade.

But there has to be ways to make a complete dataflow system that is not
too close to LabVIEW. After all there are thousands of programming
languages in existence, more programming paradigms than people can wrap
their heads around, and more variants of OOP than people want to care

"There's more than one way do it" isn't just a Perl motto, it's also a
fundamental fact of computer programming. There's always many ways to
think of any problem. (but the Perl motto was about a slightly different
topic: whether _one_ language should offer several equivalent or
overlapping constructs.)

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