[PD] dyn~ and disconnections

vincent vincent.rioux at no-log.org
Tue Dec 21 13:27:11 CET 2004

Dear Thomas,

I read somewhere (probably on one of your history file) that the "dis" 
or "del" dyn~ commands are still "crashy".
In fact they don't crash pd but still i encounter problems with 
disconnections, I generally get  things such as:
    invalid command name ".x82105c0.c"

Anyhow, i kind of manage to disconnect objects created with dyn~ but I 
must use a somewhat cumbersome method i.e. delete one object and 
reconnect it "manually".

Is it something that has raised your attention recently?
Are you aware of any tricks that might hepl bypassing these unconveniences?

all the best,

i run pd-0.37devel2 on ubuntu
i also use some kind of strange mix of flext_latest_cvs and 4.5 as my 
patches heavily rely on readanysf (which unfortunately does not support 
versions superior to 4.5).
I first compiled dyn~ and py with flext_latest_cvs, then readanysf with 
flext 4.5...
this might be the problem???

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