[PD] gem live-video input

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Wed Dec 22 17:07:54 CET 2004

Hi all,

I'm not familiar with Gem so much, but is there a way [on OSX] to have a 
live-camera-input in Gem?

I would like to combine the Gem-graphics [mostly 1px-lines] and a 
live-input from a camera, preferably a firewire cam. Otherwise a 
usb-wecam could be an option as well. The Gem-2-pdp bridge isn't really 
an option, since this seems to be 'buggy' or too much for CPU.

I also tried to work with the pdp-form object, but the lines look really 
pixely and change colors while moving the lines.

Thanks a lot.


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