[PD] gentoo realtime-lsm for pd+jack realtime?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 24 11:15:38 CET 2004

chunlee hat gesagt: // chunlee wrote:

> (inspired by the recent Pd workshop in London) i have just put pd and
> jack on Gentoo(kernel 2.6.9) and realized that jack only runs as root,
> as a result pd has to be as root to connect to jack.
> i was looking for solution to this on the net and found this
> "realtime-lsm" kernel modules that i can perhaps use which will perhaps
> solve the problem. is this the right thing to use? or is there a option
> i need to set in compiling the kernel? 

realtime-lsm is the way to go. On Debian, you could use the package by
Guenther to compile it very easily. I'm sure, there also are Gentoo
packages for realtime-lsm modules. You need to run a kernel with LSM
enabled and so on but this is all in the docs of the kernel module.

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