{Spam?} Re: [PD] gem live-video input

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Dec 24 18:37:05 CET 2004

Quoting sara kolster <sara at x-i.net>:

> Hey all,
> If I try to position my window on my 2nd screen - it doesn't let me 
> create a window. I succeeded once, while fooling the window, by changing 
> the arrangement of my 2nd screen while the window already was created. 
> Once the 2nd screen is detected and you change the offset message, the 
> window doesn't create anymore. [see output below : unable to accelerate 
> window that spans multiple devices]

To get a fullscreen window on a monitor try the 'fullscreen $1' message.  The
main screen with the menu bar is always 1 and the other attached displays count
up from there.  A second display is 2 and 0 will exit fullscreen mode.  Note
that 'fullscreen 1' will not remove the menu bar due to the way screen
capturing changed in 10.3.

The following is probably a hardware specific error.  We should add a string
that reports the hardware for these errors.

> MAC: createGemWindow()
> GemMan: create window
> MAC: createGemWindow()
> GemwinMac: width - 720 height - 776
> MAC: BuildGLonWindow entered
> MAC: BuildGLonWindow: fDraggable= false
> MAC: BuildGLonWindow: numDevices>1 || numDevices ==0
> MAC: BuildGLonWindow: Unable to accelerate window that spans multiple 
> devices
> MAC:  no info.context
> error: GEM: Unable to create window
> error: GEM: gemwin: no window made
> thanks,
> Sara

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