[PD] Gem pix-video [loop-option?]

james tittle tigital at mac.com
Sun Dec 26 18:54:59 CET 2004

On Dec 26, 2004, at 12:42 PM, sara kolster wrote:

> Hi list,

hi sara,

> Is it possible to record a set amount of frames of the pix_video into 
> a buffer?
> I looked at buffer.pd, but there only objects like pix_movie and 
> pix_film are mentioned.

...yes, they all create the same kind of output...I'd suggest just 
plugging something into something else if your curious:  that's kinda 
how pd/gem are designed...it'll either work or not, and if not, 
hopefully spew out some message instead of crashing :-)

> Also, if i'm opening up my gem patch, although the toggles which are 
> connected to the gemheads are off, all the objects get rendered 
> anyway. To only show one of the objects, I have to turn off all the 
> objects that I don't want to show. Or, I have to toggle everything off 
> before I turn on rendering. There's possibly a much more simple way to 
> handle this, but I have not figured it out yet.. Anyone?

...yeh, everything is "on" by default, if I remember correctly...so you 
may want to send a [loadbang]->[0] to anything you want off to 
start...we have discussed this a while ago, and I think we just decided 
to leave it as is...

time to eat,

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