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Thu Dec 30 17:47:21 CET 2004

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> Hi all,
> in times of IPod and other comparable players, i can hardly imagine

me too. this topic is driving me crazy........

> there is no harddisk-based recording device capable of 16 or 24 bit
> 2-channel recording. Naturally, some editing capabilites and plug-in
> microphone input would also be great and the device should act like a
> firewire or USB harddisk when plugged into a computer.
> Any pointers?

there are some new MD-recorders from sony (Hi-MD) with minidisc of 1GB.
they have plug-in power for the sony electret mics. they have a USB-port
(bidirectional) and they say: >>>>>>you can record both ATRAC-3 and PCM
(16bit i think).
technically this would be the device i've been looking for a long time.
but there seem to be different restrictions (im not quite sure: you
cannot download your old md's from the recorder to computer by usb;  may
you cannot export your pcm-data as wav-files; you can only
up-/downloading files [any data] using their proprietary software, the
device does not behave like a harddisk when you plug it to your computer
i visited different stores to ask about the restrictions and i've got
many quite different answers. it seems to be quite difficult to get some
reliable information about consumer (not professional) products.
the next thing i'll do is to contact sony directly.....

> thanks,
> Thomas

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