[PD] [ot] portable harddisk recording device

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Dec 30 20:02:47 CET 2004

Olaf Matthes wrote:
> Pat Pagano wrote:
>> yes lads, it's called a laptop :-)
> Others call it Fostex FR-2 or Marantz PMD-670 (with micro harddisks or 
> flash cards). About the price of a laptop but you can't use them to 
> write emails. ;-)

The Marantz is the price of a cheap laptop: EUR 600-700

There's also this one for under USD 500, does 24/44:


Again, with the Editrol or the Marantz, you get what you pay for in 
terms of AD converters, so it depends on how picky you are about the 
sound. The Fostex looks solid, but pricey at EUR 1200.


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