[PD] PD WIKKI defaced [request for backups!]

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Thu Dec 30 23:47:38 CET 2004

Hi IOhannes and the list,

once again, I'd like to ask if anyone has backups of the pd.iem.at WIKKI 
pages somewhere. The imbiciles that scrubbed the *entire* WIKKI did a 
pretty thorough job of overwriting all the available previous versions 
of pages available there. I had two different pages for workshops I 
taught there: "PD.Balkania" and "Open Source Multimedia Tools @ 
Montevideo". It would be a real shame to lose that documentation... 
[considering the HD of my laptop which might have held my own copies of 
those docs died last week!]

Second, I'd like to know if anyone is maintaining that site/WIKKI. If 
not, I'll find another place to put public PD docs in the future.


derek holzer wrote:
> Looks like the pd.iem.at WIKKI pages got hacked alongside every other 
> WIKKI on earth over the last week [including the one set up on 
> electric-boogaloo.goto10.org/pdzilla for me and Aymeric's recent UK 
> workshop series].
> Are there backups of the pages which are older than the ones available 
> on the web interface? Anyone going to update the PHP/WIKKI versions to 
> keep this from continuing into infinity?
> Defacing WIKKIs is like knocking over little old ladies in the street. I 
> just can't imagine how anyone could have fun doing it...
> d.

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