[PD] problem with MIDI Multi-Control patch

Ryan Supak ryansupak at fbcad.org
Fri Dec 31 05:53:27 CET 2004

Here's the patch: http://www.vato9.org/pd/multic.pd
Basically, you feed it ctlVal, which is a MIDI CC value, and ctlNum, which is a MIDI CC controller number.
If the ctlNum is 74, send controllers 74, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104 along with ctlVal.  (It's using one knob to turn six knobs).
However, if I send it controller 74, something isn't coming out right.
I expect this:
74-ctlVal; 100-ctlVal; 101-ctlVal; 102-ctlVal; 103-ctlVal; 104-ctlVal
Instead, I get this:
74-ctlVal; 100-ctlVal; 101-ctlVal; 103-ctlVal; 104-ctlVal; 104-ctlVal  <--The last numbers are messed up
I'm sure it's something silly, any pointers would be appreciated!
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