[PD] m-audio duo device

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Dec 31 15:27:01 CET 2004

philippe hat gesagt: // philippe wrote:

> I'm new suscriber to this list ,i'm actually expecting some help for 
> having the m-audio duo usb working with pure data on linux...
> the card is working fine with the alsa drivers,
> in duplex too,
> But when i use it with pure-data and alsa drivers ,the sound dosn't 
> follow ,and is very fuzzy at 44100Hz

Generally you should not use USB soundcards on Linux/ALSA with
samplerates not divisible by 1000. So better stay with 48000 Hz.

> and at 48000 Hz ,the internal pd-time drops dramatic (the osc~ 440 
> sounds 3 or 4 times lower) even if the sound seems to be fluent.

Did you try "pd -oss", too? Or jack, as also was suggested. 

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