[PD] PD WIKKI defaced

Marc Lavallée marc at hacklava.net
Tue Jan 4 17:32:07 CET 2005

Le 4 Janvier 2005 09:58, Mathieu Bouchard a écrit :

> I say "manually-approved registrations" because automated registrations
> can be circumvented too easily: just make a bogus account, then login,
> then cause the same trouble, in very little time. in a manual system, the
> result/effort ratio, the delay, and the feeling of being supervised, are
> factors that tend to repel spammers, as they switch to simpler targets,
> that is, other automated systems.

If you add reviewing to the publishing workflow, then you don't have to 
worry. It requires some work, similar to approving messages on a moderated 
mailing list, and this task can be assigned to co-admins. It's not that 
much of an effort since wiki publishing generates less traffic than email. 
ZWiki, used on plone.org, has everything required, except for a small 
modification to re-enable workflow publishing.

> I don't know enough Zope and afaik you're the Zope expert around here.
> I think this could be a topic at pdmtl#8 if only you were available enough
> to join us in such meetings just like you were last winter.

I intend to be more available and get back to PD.
It'd be a pleasure to talk about Zope if it can be useful.


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